A contemporary funeral may break with tradition in some ways, such as turning a farewell ceremony into a celebration. Allowing you to tailor the service to reflect the values and passions of your loved one. Set generally at one of our locations or a crematorium, contemporary farewells offer great flexibility.



Transfer, Care and Hold

We use specialised vehicles, and trained personnel to safely and carefully transfer your family member into our care any time of the day or night. We ensure medical paperwork is completed correctly, liaising with medical staff and doctors where necessary, moving your loved one into our own accredited premises with our own qualified and experienced mortuary staff for up to seven days.

Transfer is available 24 hours 7 days a week from anywhere in greater Sydney. Additional charges may apply for transfers outside Sydney.

Placement of jewellery, mementos, presenting locks of hair and alike is included. At no charge we also sanitise, clean and if possible prepare your loved one as per your requirements.There will be an additional charge for viewings and full embalming preparation and any additional requirements you may have.


Preparation service – Knowledge, systems and production

This fee covers meeting with our trained personnel for up to four hours and includes information gathering, documentation and lodging with authorities as per regulations, working with Drs and hospitals, producing memorial books, Audio visual and music tributes. Time required to coordinate with celebrants, clergy, caterers, florists and any other elements you may consider important after our meeting.


Government charges and disbursement costs

Medical, Doctors and Death Certificate fees are a mandatory cost and are costs we pass on to you at no profit.



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