With one car and a lot of faith…

With one car, very little cash and a lot of faith, our founder Henning Naesborg set up his Shire Taxi Service at Sutherland Railway station. Years later, 1944 Sutherland Shire’s first funeral business and registered business name HN Olsen and Company evolved to serve the community as a funeral home.

Harry Olsen moves to Sydney

“Harry” Olsen as he was known was born in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Harry moving to Sydney in the early 1920s and began his first job in driving hire cars. In 1927 Harry married Clarice Hooke. The couple bought land in Clio Street Sutherland making the move to their new home in 1935.

This was a time when very few people owned their own cars, terrible road conditions, dim to non-existent street lights meant that people relied on taxis to get them around.

1939 saw the start of the Second World War, Harry served as an Air Warden on the side of his taxi driving duties. Locally the construction of the railway line between Sutherland and Cronulla increased demand for the business.  The addition of a telephone line in Sutherland Shire Taxi Service at the Olsen’s residence meant 24-hour service capability.

The business developed and transformed over time, becoming the Shire’s first funeral director. It was a different time then. People stood still in the streets, men tipped their hats as a mark of respect as the cortege passed by, and it was as if the world paused in reverence for this rite of passage eventually taken by everyone.

Both Harry and Clarice’s legacy can be seen in the tireless dedication to the community, the transformation of a long-standing shire family has grown into a name synonymous with high standards of professionalism, empathy, care and understanding.

Olsens is still steeped in rich family values and the team has grown into a vibrant eclectic group of diverse professionals, working under the guidance and leadership of Stephen Kellaway, Henning’s grandson and now managing director of the family business. The goodwill Harry humbly established in the Sutherland area and the standards he set so long ago have not diminished; rather they have been extended to our branches at Caringbah, Bexley North, and Revesby.