Olsens Helping in the Community

The Sharks are proud to announce Olsens as its partner in The Sharks volunteer program which assits enhancing the game day experience and helping build resilience in the community members and fans.

The new partnership will see the group recognised as the Olsens Sharkcrew, with their company branding to be displayed on all Sharkcrew uniforms over the next two seasons. A family owned and highly respected company, Olsens Funerals have been providing support, compassion and complete services to families across Sydney for the past 70 years, led by Steve Kellaway, The Third generation Olsen, seeing the partnership with the Sharks and in particular the Sharkcrew, as the ideal fit.

“Olsens are delighted to announce this agreement to help support our community through the SharkCrew program, one that will see a team engaging with Sharks fans to help build resilience and support for everyone,”Steve Kellaway said.

“We see very tight alignment in our values and what we are about, what we say and do, its about integrity, discipline, being inclusive and empathy to help build resilience in our community”

As a family company, Olsens pride themselves on being community, focused, holding to a simple belief that one of the most important duties is making a positive difference in all parts of our community.

As well as taking care of families before, during and after the service , Olsens extend support to carers and bereavement support teams through educational seminars, training and sponsorships.

“It’s about helping families through the tough times and getting back up to carry on as best we can. These tools give people hope for a better future and will bind us as a club community for greater things,” Steve Kellaway said.