Dear Sir,

Often in today’s busy and pressured workplace environment, employees with poor customer service are the ones brought to the attention of management. This results in the consistently hardworking employees providing fabulous customer service to go largely unnoticed and sometimes managers take these reliable and long-standing employees for granted.

I wish to bring to your attention the exemplary professional customer service I received from Jim Athanasiou at your Bexley North office. His attention to detail, empathy and superior customer service enabled me to effectively organise my mother’s funeral with a minimum of fuss under very difficult circumstances.

Jim had organised my father-in-law’s funeral in Dec 1989 in a similar manner and his Greek culture sensitivities in that instance made all the difference.

It was a relief to be able to deal with the same employee after 25 years and I credit Olsens management with creating a pleasant work environment, fostering job satisfaction which then results in employees being retained on a long term basis. This stability of employment shines through in the customer service delivery.

I feel Jim needs to be rewarded for his exemplary and consistent customer service and not just with a ‘pat on the back’. His example brings real value to the brand ‘Olsens Funerals’ and adds value to your bottom line through repeat business.

Yours faithfully,