Funeral Arrangements Planning

After a loved one passes, many things need taking care of. At Olsens, we make the farewell arrangement process as smooth as possible, offering guidance throughout the entire journey.

Our team of experienced professionals know how to listen as well as support. Having experienced bereavement themselves, they bring their own tone of sensitivity and understanding to every service.

Farewells for all

No two lives are identical – and the same should be said for funerals. Choosing a fitting farewell is an important step in saying goodbye to your loved one. It’s your opportunity to demonstrate your love with a caring tribute to their life. Some of our most popular selections are below, or we can work with you to create a bespoke service.

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Traditional Funerals

A traditional funeral ceremony is a dignified and respectful way to farewell your loved one. Following religious, cultural traditions and heritage can provide comfort to family members, particularly the elderly, and be tailored in many ways to ensure it remembers your loved one’s personality and is respectful of cultural and associated commemorations.

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A contemporary funeral may turn a farewell ceremony into a celebration. Allowing you to tailor the service to reflect the values and passions of your loved one. Set generally at one of our Olsens chapels or a crematorium, contemporary farewells are best suited for the young at heart and offer great flexibility.

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Olsens can create a service as unique as your loved one, celebrating their individuality through freedom and creativity with their own fitting farewell, in an environment that best reflects their life and personality. Custom funerals are usually less formal, and often contain unconventional elements such as a beach or outdoor setting. Anything is possible.

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Our services

Our team is experienced in delivering a wide range of services to match the needs of any funeral. If you have any ideas you would like to share, or need help personalising a farewell, call us anytime.

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